Uncommon Twice

Recently I attended a training for my part time business as Ambit Energy Consultant. I got fired up because of the great testimonials and live experiences presented at the meeting. As I reflected about the experience I realized that I had to get back into sharing my passions. I am uncommon twice because: 1st- I … Read more

The State of the World Economy in 2015 and Why is important for YOU

Since I am a resident of the USA, let’s start from the outside in: Japan: As many of you may know, Japan started a few years ago a program of currency inflation. The BOJ started creating lots of yens to buy the country’s debt about three years ago. This creation of new yens benefit exporters … Read more

Your Money at Risk with Bail ins

Your Money at Risk with Bail-ins is a warning and a call to action. Monetary authorities and banksters have created new rules for too big to fail banks rescue next time they collapse. The good news is they won’t be rescued with everybody’s money (taxes). The bad news is next time your money in the … Read more

Does IBC economically work?

Published on Feb 13, 2015 In the fall of 2014 economist Robert P. Murphy gave an interview about Nelson Nash’s Infinite Banking Concept (IBC). For more information:https://infinitebanking.org

Is a whole life a Trust?

Published on Dec 23, 2014 In the fall of 2014 economist Robert P. Murphy had a lengthy interview with Nelson Nash, author of *Becoming Your Own Banker: The Infinite Banking Concept*. For more information: https://infinitebanking.org