Uncommon Twice

Recently I attended a training for my part time business as Ambit Energy Consultant. I got fired up because of the great testimonials and live experiences presented at the meeting. As I reflected about the experience I realized that I had to get back into sharing my passions. I am uncommon twice because:
1st- I have practiced and shared the Infinite Banking Concept for several years.
2nd- I have always believed and practiced direct selling with mixed results but now that I found Ambit, things are working different.
Why both Ambit and the IBC? Because when I share the IBC many people have told me that they do not have enough money to start their policies. Ambit is very efficient and flexible, therefore, fits with almost any other activity people are engaged in.
I will start recommending families and individuals engaged in direct selling to start depositing their residual income and bonuses in their PMD (Private Money Depository) as I call it. When I go to meetings I normally hear successful entrepreneurs in direct selling boasting of “all the money they are putting in savings in the bank” and that is inefficient and extremely risky.

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