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Jorge Herrera

Cash Value Banking Consultant

I am a resident of Houston, Texas. I learned about the Infinite Banking Concept back in 2005 and became a passionate promoter of it.

I own three policies(banks), and made it my mission to help interested individuals and families to set their own personal banking system.

The huge problem people are not aware of is, that the economic system in which we operate was designed to take advantage of the population at large. Charges, fees, penalties, taxes, are constantly levied on bank and investment account owners, and on top of that our money gets locked out of our control from the time we start working.

We lose our liquidity, therefore, when an emergency or an opportunity come to us, we have to borrow from the same financial institutions or government to which we lent our money, to put in savings/investment accounts and grow it. The problem here is, that they charge us several times more the interest that we received when we lent it to them.

It is so unfortunate that people get stuck in the insurance part of the concept when the strength of it is in empowering the owner to control the environment in which he/she uses money.